If the gun/pellet setup is capable of putting 10 shots from the expected hunting position (prone w/ bipod, off hand, off hand with sticks, kneeling, etc.) Texas Hog Hunting Hunting Tips Living Off The Land Night Vision Make It … Hogs are an invasive species. The effect of both of these shots is lethal, with a quick kill in the first case, dropping the game where it stands, or in any case after taking just a few steps, while the second is instantaneous. A hog charging at you will need rapid follow-up shots if you don’t hit it in the kill zone areas. 100+ KILL Shots Hog Hunting. Hunters using firearms are advised to shoot the hogs in the neck or in the vitals (heart / lung region). All species must be controlled for sustainable habitat and carrying capacity of the land. Aiming for the ear holes of a hog is one of the easiest ways to ensure rapid and humane killing. Confident hog hunters accurately shooting well within their comfort zone might consider sending a well-placed round directly into the recessed spot behind a hog’s ear. You may need to note that the liver, stomach, and intestines of a hog are pushed more forward than the other animals. Regardless of the weapon, shot placement is essential for a clean and ethical kill. Witness 180 kill shots in 10 incredible minutes and see the pork go down quickly. Watch as this coyote hunter makes kill shots from a chopper. A 12 gauge slug, even in the shoulder, was pretty effective in breaking them down, but they would still sometimes have enough steam to tear up a dog or a hunter if you weren't careful. My friends husband and wife hunting buddies Glenn and Michelle Guess are in for some serious shooting along with other shooters in this action packed hunting video. Oh yeah, and you can eat them too. Well the Sitka Gear Cargo Box is quite a voluminous pack. Known as Russian Boar, ... too shortly in my opinion. Texas Hog Shooting with ATN Rifle Scope X-Sight II Digital Rifle Scope. When coyotes start to become a serious threat in your local area, it's time to thin them out. Put a high-powered bullet in that zone, about halfway between the base of the ear and the point of the shoulder, and it will kill the animal where it stands. Stuck N The Rut, The Shooting Show – high-speed bunny bashing with the Ruger Precision .22, BATTLE: King Lion Hunting Buffalo Bull | King Lion vs Buffalo Bull Real Fight | Wild Animal Attacks. Uploaded by czb1972 on June 12, 2020 at 11:46 am. The Strongest LION PRIDE in Luangwa Valley – National Geographic Documentary 2020 (Full HD 1080p). A shot that hits the central nervous system in fact, causes immediate neurogenic shock, which drops the game in its tracks. Preferred rifles for hogs hunting are.223 caliber and up. Regards from Germany. into that 1 inch kill target at a maximum distance of 25 yards, then the maximum accuracy/precision distance is 25 yards even though it is generating much more FPE than the required 30 FPE at that distance. The ear hole is a gateway to the animals neck area. Hunters also can consider the object behind the air of a pig. The shooting is fast and furious with well-documented hunts during the day and at night with thermal optics. I certainly call that a win. This should not be on YouTube! Be sure to follow Hog Zombies on their YouTube Channel. VINTAGE VIDEO: LION VS. MAN, WHO WILL WIN? Why Go Texas Hog Hunting? Saved by Lone Star Boars Boars. It was alleged to be over 12 feet long and weighed over 1000 lbs. When quartering to or away, place the shot between the shoulders. Of course, putting a bullet in any animal’s brain will kill the animal. NEXT: HUNT WITH A HENRY: A REVIEW OF THE HENRY ARMS .45-70 LEVER-ACTION RIFLE. When it comes to the question of how to kill and recover a hog, tactical hog hunting or otherwise, now you know the key pieces of the puzzle. It took him only one shot from his AR-15 rifle to kill the 400 pound feral hog. If you were to place a shot as you would for a lung shot on a deer, the result would almost certainly be a gut shot. This simple shot placement technique will help you make more effective shots this season. In this adrenaline packed footage we see 180 kill shots in just 10 minutes. The neck is another great kill shot. One reason why it’s a good shot placement is that in case it moves, you’ll either hit the back of the head or the shoulder blade. 26 September 2016. It is a great opportunity and best placement which is easy to approach even by the beginner hunter. Hog Kill Shots Bowhunters typically shoot wild hogs in the heart / lung region immediately behind the front shoulder from a broadside or at a slightly quartering away angle. Bowmar BLOOPERS. To drop the hog instantly, aim at the lower shoulder area at the lowest point of the chest when shooting from the broadside. Hogs rarely stay still, unfortunately, and always move their heads around. Hunters using firearms are advised to shoot the hogs in the neck or in the vitals (heart / lung region). HOG HUNTING KILL SHOTS WITH THERMAL IN TEXAS BEST OF 2014. Epic clips of one shot kills that will leave your speechless, mostly long range. Just do a follow-up shot with a pump-action and you’ve humanely eliminated the hog. It’s fun to try out different guns, gear and calibers. Two friends kill massive 460-pound feral hog while hunting Two friends scored nothing less than a "Texas-sized" catch during their hunt on Wednesday morning in Proctor. If you must shoot a 5.56/.223 for hog hunting – if you ask me – the ONLY bullets are the Barnes 62gr or 70gr TSX! Again, it’s efficient and will put the animal down by severing the spine. Using Rabbit Distress and Coyote Vocals For Coyote Hunting Success, Duck Hunting In Texas {8 Man Limit} The Birds Have Arrived. Aiming for a hog's ear holes is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a quick and humane kill. DRY FIELD DUCK HUNTING | Mallards and Black Ducks! So what can we do to stop the swine menace? It happens to every hunter at some point in his or her hunting career. Hog Hunting Kill Shot Compilation: 31 Kill Shots. When rifle hunting for hogs, the two most effective shot placements are behind the ear and broadside, through both front shoulders. On a hog, the kill zone for a neck shot is almost as big as the heart/lung area. If you have hogs in your area, get out there and do your part to fight this nuisance. The ear hole is a gateway to the neck area of the animals. Special thanks to Hog Zombies for taking the fight to the enemy hogs. You just never know if another hunter is stalking you. They hit a deer with a marginal or poor shot, and then must endure a long and difficult recovery, or worse yet, they’re unable to find the … Read More A Classic Woodsman stuck in a modern world! Take a look at the image of the hog below and you will notice that a hog’s lungs are well forward. Hog Hunting Kill Shot Compilation: 31 Kill Shots, 9 Real Bear Attacks on Human Caught on camera, Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt: Journey of a Lifetime. Need to pack a lot of gear on the hunt? These invasive animals need to be taken out. All animals in this … These amazing hunting drop compilations have been captured on film by Stuck N The rut themselves. Warning - thread Slow Mo Kill Shots Helicopter Hog Hunt might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. Hog hunting in Florida. Keep on. The neck is a sure kill while the shoulder blade will immobilize the game. Shots with a "338 ultra mag" YT CHANNEL Pigmantv.com Howa Rifle Promos - Hog Hunting Kill Shots http://www.pigmantv.com - full tv episodes online Pigman The Series Whether you call them feral hogs, wild boar, wild hogs, hogs or pigs, the invasive species decimates both farm land and wild areas. It was taken by Chris Griffin in Alapaha Georgia on June 17, 2004. Shoot them, of course. Hog Zombies are the professionals of hog shooting. Need a rugged boot that is at home in the frozen wilderness? By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. The red kill zone looks right to me and most of the hogs we shot were either head-on or neck shots. KEITH WARREN HARVESTS DEER WITH .50 BMG RIFLE CONCUSSION (VIDEO). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Feral hogs are considered to be unprotected, exotic non-game species, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife. All body shots should be THROUGH the shoulder, NOT BEHIND THEM. You’ll sever the spinal cord, effectively shutting down the animal’s central nervous system. If you have hogs in your area, get out there and do your part to fight this nuisance. They are fervent breeders and we’ve found, for the money, aerial control is the most effective for feral hog … A well-placed shot at the ear hole of a boar will result in the neck breaking, resulting in a rapid death in turn. 31 kill shots! The wounded hog may run after the first hit which requires a second shot in rapid succession before it disappears into the thick undergrowth or a swamp. In this adrenaline packed footage we see 180 kill shots in just 10 minutes. The pig´s last bathing, but did not clean…:-)). These vintage fellows wait to shoot until the lion attacks and pay the price. These hunters take a shot from... Lions will eat you. A well placed shot to a boar's ear hole will result in the breaking of the neck, which in turn results in a quick death. Check out the vintage video that... Can you be over-gunned for a deer hunt? You may spot a group of hogs and want to drop several of them before they runoff. At 4:00 we say in German, "dummes Schwein" oder "dumme Sau". Looking closely at the overall kill zone of these animals will quickly reveal that through the shoulder, NOT behind it, puts the bullet in the center of the kill … Then, there’s the headshot. DEER HUNTING kill shots Compilation - Deer Shot Placement // Where to Aim on a Deer with a Bow, 50 BEST HUNTING KILL SHOTS COMPILATION!!! Helicopter Hog Culing Slow Motion Kill Shots - It's a Wonderful World. If you come across a hog this big, I would not suggest shooting him with a 22 lr. They are destroying our native habitat and are in direct competition with native wildlife. Elk Hunting Kill Shot Compilation: 27 Epic Elk Hunting Kill Shots from Elk101.com! Either way, you’ll still be having dinner to bring home. Better be very careful when turkey hunting. Two-thirds of the feral hog population has to be killed just to maintain their numbers. Besides, you don’t really want a big hog with giant tusks coming after you. The shooting is fast and furious with well-documented hunts during the day and at night with thermal optics. Well this .50 BMG rifle has plenty of power to spare in that category. Do you like articles about the outdoors? You can follow him @ericthewoodsman on Twitter, The Classic Woodsman on Facebook, and @theclassicwoodsman on Instagram. The largest feral hog killed on record was nicknamed Hogzilla. Hog shot placement is different than deer, and we’re about to tell you where to shoot’em. wonderful compilation, just great. THERMAL AND GUN SALES AT GREAT PRICES Will Michael Michael's Mens Store Homer, La (318) 927-2929 Intended for mature audiences only! Comments Comments. Headshot – Hunting Hog with Rifle (Clean Hog Kill) If you are using the first- or second-generation air rifle then the headshot is the perfect way for getting clean pig food. Watch as Keith Warren... Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), HUNT WITH A HENRY: A REVIEW OF THE HENRY ARMS .45-70 LEVER-ACTION RIFLE, KENETREK BOOTS PACKAGE REVIEW: MOUNTAIN EXTREME 1000. Special thanks to Hog Zombies for taking the fight to the enemy hogs. Unfortunately, hogs rarely stay still and always moving their heads about. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right)

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